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New to music? Maybe you’re just starting out on guitar or singing or writing your own songs - the last couple of years have been challenging, but maybe some good can come of it. Have you discovered or re-discovered your musically creative side, or just want to try something new? Every week I’ll post about how each of those ideas can be made reality! I’m not selling anything, there will be nothing political or of the currently cultural. I’ve always loved music and I could play a mean iPod, but I wanted more creativity in my musical life. It’s a great journey and there’s a lot of it left for me. Maybe you, too!

So, why again?

I’ll write about the things I’ve learned - (but no brand endorsements) the mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid, the good choices I’ve made, where to start, some foundational concepts (yes, that’s a euphemism for music theory, but don’t be frightened!! We’ll get through it!).

Find out if there is a community of people who share your newfound interest in making your own music with just a guitar and your voice, and how to share with that community!

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Musician, singer/songwriter, saying I’m experienced just means I’m old, and I’ve done some stuff. I write about guitars, music theory, songwriting, home recording, the “biz” and new subscribers result in a pic of my cat!!